Metrixcare Value Analytics

This novel module for value optimisation of both cost and quality demonstrates the range of efficiencies for particular quality outcomes for multiple hospitals or a single facility.

Depending on the detail and frequency of costing and outcome data progressive tracking and charting for both quality and cost significant improvements can be made. Comparisons can be made across facilities or locally within a facility by selecting a different unit of decision making (eg. DRG, ICD, Doctor).

The closest peers to a selected facility that are on the frontier of best performance can be highlighted as a benchmark comparison for potential improvement.

Value analytics can be applied at multiple levels of decision making from sector-wide facility perspectives down to internal single hospital views that provide insight into areas of performance and improvement such as:

  • Nursing FTE vs infections
  • Surgeon cost and outcome performance
  • Comparison of multiple treatment strategies for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Plus many more combinations using available data