Expert Advisory Services


Metrixcare offers a range of expert advisory services that can be accessed on request through participation in the platform. These services are available through our deep internal experience from working inside hospitals as well as through our academic associations with some of Australia’s leading universities.

  • Assistance in clinical governance, health management policy, processes and procedures
  • Professorial advisory services on Mortality & Health Outcomes
  • Professorial advisory in Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment
  • Clinical informatics, IT architecture and data integration

We are also able to offer services for analysis, interpretation and commentary of health data performance metrics based on your data through a periodic advisory report.

Solution includes expert advisory services for interpretation and commentary through university consulting arrangements:

  • Clinical governance and healthcare management
  • Clinical informatics & Healthcare data integration
  • Safety, Quality & operations research
  • Mortality & Health Outcomes
  • Health Economics

Support services include:

  • 6 monthly advisory report across all hospitals
  • Quarterly web conference – with all hospitals
  • Monthly web conference – for each hospital

With additional advisory and consulting services available by request