• Updated Public Reporting

    An updated Public Reporting module is now available that encourages transparency and empowers patients in making better choices for their care.

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  • Healthcare Value Analytics

    Healthcare value analytics can be used to find the sweet spot between the cost and quality of delivering patient outcomes.

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  • NSQHS Module Now Available

    The NSQHS solution allows the collection of evidence, gap analyses and action plans to provide a continuous, real-time quality compliance system.

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  • Flexible and Scalable

    Easily deploy and adapt solutions to support any number of users. Flexibly collect data and feedback information to those who need it.

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  • Status at a Glance

    See the results of data collected in real-time and easily visualise overall performance or progress.

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  • The Improvement Journey

    The Metrixcare platform allows healthcare teams explore opportunities for improvement and achieve higher levels of performance. 

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  • Expert Advisory Services

    Access a broad range of complimentary academic and advisory services to support you in the analysis and interpretation of your data then strategies for improvement.

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Measure & Benchmark

Measure and benchmark performance


Establish continuous metrics to monitor performance and increase visibility of processes, outcomes and risks.

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Improve & Prevent

Improve care while preventing harm


Use insights gained through metrics to guide improvement activities and implement solutions for harm prevention.

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Optimise & Predict

Optimise performance of cost and quality


Visualise opportunities for optimised performance and predict successful improvement strategies.

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