Passion for Patient-Centric Care


The Metrixcare platform enables an integrated, patient-centric view of clinical and corporate information with a choice of complimentary modules that enhance patient engagement, governance, accreditation and improvement.

With an innovative data architecture, powerful data visualisations and configurable governance frameworks Metrixcare provides an analytics capability that supports value based care.

The Metrixcare Platform

Metrixcare Core / Core +

At the heart of the Metrixcare platform is a comprehensive, flexible and agile Enterprise Data Warehouse that provides the central repository for clinical and corporate information. Even if health care providers already own a data warehouse or other relational or analytic information store, Metrixcare can map directly to this information without replication into its own data repository.

Governance, BI, Reporting

Metrixcare has at its core a comprehensive business intelligence and reporting capability that is integrated with a range of pre-configured or custom governance frameworks.

Patient Journey & Care Workflow

The Metrixcare Patient Feedback and Experience Module provides the ability to collect, analyse and improve the patient care experience with the goal of delivering the best value care that matters to patients.

Value Analytics

This novel module for value optimisation of both cost and quality demonstrates the range of efficiencies for particular quality outcomes for multiple hospitals or a single facility.

Advisory Services

The platform supports a wide range of predictive analytics models and machine learning approaches which enable healthcare organisations to optimise performance using insights contained within their own data.

Latest News

Finding the right place to start healthcare improvement

Finding the right place to start a healthcare improvement initiative can be like trying to find the end of a ball of string. The best place to start is not immediately obvious until you start looking. At Metrixcare we look for certain characteristics or conditions that help to guide us and our clients in finding the best places to start.

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New moves for the game of clinical governance

One more time. Does anyone else feel it’s ground hog day? In my last post I said that in regard to the marked variations in cost and quality we are at fault, we caused them, essentially it’s our collective fault. But who is “we”? Did “we” all make it so? Maybe we are...

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Patient Centric Care – managing what matters

How is it that we have 15% waste in our health services, expose many patients to “low value” procedures and have marked differences in cost and outcomes yet we seem incapable of improving this? Is this patient centred care or provider driven care?

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