Patient Experience & Feedback


The Metrixcare Patient Experience and Feedback Module provides the ability to collect, analyse and improve the patient care experience with the goal of delivering the best value care that matters to patients. It includes tools for capturing feedback on care delivery through compliments, complaints and suggestions across many different communication channels available to patients. The design of the module encompasses patient feedback, satisfaction surveys, patient experience and Net Promoter Scores to provide a focus on consumer engagement that encourages transparency and improvement.


  • Public web site feedback forms
  • Central Feedback Inbox for all social media, email, SMS & surveys
  • Centralised case management and workflows
  • Patient Journey Triggers
  • Net Promoter Score by email and SMS
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey web forms
  • Staff compliment report
  • Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREM’s)
  • Unified dashboard, indicators & reporting

Improvement Journey

  • Centralise all patient feedback and streamline case management for timely and coordinated responses
  • Automate patient notifications and collections using patient journey triggers.
  • Satisfy multiple accreditation requirements for governance of patient experience feedback and consumer participation standards.
  • Customise the system to your specific needs
  • Gain performance visibility through regular measurement of processes, outcomes and risk
  • Assess the extent of risks & the nature of key problems
  • Identify reasons why issues occur and explore possible solutions
  • Create and implement interventions that help reduce or avoid harm and unnecessary cost
  • Continue to monitor performance measures to see if the solutions are making a positive difference to patient care
  • Metrixcare conforms to the ACSQHS specifications for national set of core, common patient experience questions for overnight-admitted patients


Visual Thinking Tools

Analyse a wide range of real-time performance measures to provide visibility into clinical processes. Visually share relevant feedback and identify opportunities for improvement.

The Metrixcare Data Explorer provides a highly visual and interactive data navigation environment to explore for patterns and meaning in data.

Extend with other Metrixcare Modules

Transparency and patient choice can be supported through publishing patient experience and feedback indicators.

Orchestrate feedback and workflows based on selected care event.

Continuous reporting and improvement of patient feedback & consumer engagement standards. Bedside audit tool for in-patient feedback.

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