Indicators & Dashboards

Measuring the performance of complex healthcare processes and patient outcomes can be difficult. One size does not fit all with needs for both local facility and system-wide indicators. Appropriate risk adjustment can be complex making benchmarking between facilities difficult. Added to these challenges, indicator definitions are constantly evolving and expanding, placing further demands on already limited resources. Lack of coordinated approaches to indicators often result in duplication of work to satisfy multiple reporting requirements.

Metrixcare provides a solid systems foundation through data integration and visual dashboards of performance for key clinical and corporate indicators organised within a comprehensive governance framework. Linked to an integrated management-action framework the system provides a rich and balanced view of information that takes KPI’s further to become “Key Purpose Indicators”. This approach helps to make information manageable and meaningful with the goal of supporting the key purpose of an organisation.

Healthcare data flows can be streamlined and enhanced to unify disconnected silos of information to unlock greater value from information that you already have while encouraging accountability and a focus on what matters.

Select from a wide range of indicators that are most relevant to your organisation:

  • National Safety & Quality Indicators
  • National Quality Standards Compliance
  • National Core Hospital Based Outcome Indicators
  • Acute Care Indicators
  • Day Surgery Indicators
  • Mental Health Indicators
  • Rehabilitation Indicators
  • On-line direct entry or batch upload submissions
  • Automated data extraction from hospital systems

Using sophisticated statistical variance analysis, facilities can examine a care process to see if it is safe and in control.

For larger hospital groups the system can scale to accommodate multiple facilities with full control over the access and visibility of data across each facility.