Flow Analytics

Transitions in care are known to be high-risk situations for patient harm and major causes of operational inefficiency and waste. Enable manageable and meaningful insights to visually see patient journeys and opportunities for improvement.

Metrixcare Flow Analytics supports mapping of data streams into patient journeys through different healthcare pathways to gain insights into the dynamics of patient flow and process efficiency. Identify issues that impact on efficient flow and formulate strategies on how to implement workflow changes that result in improved performance.

Integrated Features

  • Visualise flow events across primary care, acute episodes, emergency and community care
  • Identify flow issues due to congestion or delays
  • Assists with capacity planning & bed management
  • Understand patterns of flow to improve coordination between departments
  • Achieve clear visibility of referral and discharge patterns with compliance to guidelines
  • Map flows for high-risk patient cohorts (eg. by age group)
  • Visualise Time Based Cost Allocation (TBCA) to identify cost and efficiency improvements

Improvement Journey

  • Establish baseline flow maps of existing processes
  • Analyse and plan interventions for flow redesign
  • Assess the impact of flow improvement and optimisation
  • Guide integrated care delivery and accountable care efforts