Medication Management

Medication management issues are a common and costly occurrence in healthcare today and are one of the main causes of adverse events in hospitals leading to disability and death in up to 6.5% of hospital admissions. Up to 50% of all errors in prescribing and dosing are caused by missing actions that are considered to be highly preventable.

Traditional incident reporting systems are widely regarded as capturing only between 10-20% of actual adverse events that occur. Of those that are recorded they tend to be events in the transcription, dispensing and administration stages of the process. These incidents will tend to be actual incidents that occurred or ‘near-hits’. Other opportunities for learning in regard to details on omissions of care, harm avoided or ‘near-miss’ events and clinical handover are more difficult areas for management to illuminate.

The Metrixcare Medication Assessment module provides deeper insights into the nature of medication processes to make hidden issues visible. The system allows a hospital to get further up-stream to the source of medication errors that occur in the ordering/prescribing stage of the process. Initially quick snapshots help guide exploration then become a continuous real-time assessment tool to monitor performance and the impact of improvements.

The Metrixcare platform allows us to easily collect and analyse data on medication use for our national research projects and pharmacovigilance work.

Debra Rowett

Director of Drug & Therapeutic Information Services (DATIS)


  • Wide range of indicators and reports
  • Patient lists
  • Collection of Case & Medication Reviews
  • Medication Safety Culture Survey
  • Interactive Data Explorer
  • iPhone, PC & mobile devices
  • Learning & improvement community

    Empower clinical pharmacists to uncover hidden problems in medication safety and establish a tool for ongoing monitoring and improvement.

    Drill down into the nature of problems with a wide range of visual perspectives covering:

    • Problem severity
    • Drug class
    • Problem type
    • Corrective action
    • Future advice