Accreditation and Quality Standards


Metrixcare has developed a new software tool to support accreditation for the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) published by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. The NSQHS software solution allows the collection of evidence, gap analyses and action plans to provide a continuous, real-time quality compliance system. By using Metrixcare the NSQHS standards can be linked to a wide range of clinical governance metrics selected by a healthcare provider so that accreditation activities can be integrated with day to day operational workflows and improvement activities. Advanced data visualisations allow users to easily navigate and report on national quality standards compliance and instantly see the overall status of accreditation in real-time.

It can be a challenge allocating limited resources to focus on the right areas for healthcare improvement. Accreditation requirements need coordination of activities to collect and organise evidence then track progress. Reporting requirements for the National Quality Standards are extensive, even for small facilities, and risk adjusted indicators such as HSMR are difficult to implement. Healthcare facilities want to unlock greater value from their accreditation data in a way that is manageable and meaningful to encourage greater participation and engagement.

The Metrixcare National Quality Standards Software has been developed with extensive clinical input.

Integrated Features

  • Rapid setup with a choice of pre-configured NSQHS compliance frameworks
  • Compliance self-assessment and progress tracking
  • Document improvement activities and evidence
  • Pick from large library of over 1200 pre-defined evidence suggestions
  • Risk adjusted National Core Outcome Indicators (NCHBOI) Reporting
  • Easily import data from existing systems
  • Assign team members responsible for activities
  • NSQHS accreditation summary report and data export
  • Secure hosting compliant with Australian Privacy Principles 2014

Improvement Journey

  • Gain performance visibility through regular measurement of processes, outcomes and risk
  • Assess the extent of risks & the nature of key problems
  • Identify reasons why issues occur and explore possible solutions
  • Create and implement interventions that help reduce or avoid harm and unnecessary cost
  • Continue to monitor performance measures to see if the solutions are making a positive difference to patient care

Visual Thinking Tools

Analyse a wide range of real-time performance measures to provide visibility into NSQHS compliance processes and patient outcomes. Visually share relevant feedback and identify opportunities for improvement.

Easily view the entire standard to see status-at-a-glance and drill down to focus efforts on improvement activities and compliance gaps.

Visually explore the results of electronic audits and risk assessments using the Metrixcare Data Explorer a highly visual and interactive data navigation environment to explore for patterns and meaning in data.

Learning and Improvement

Select from a library of over 1,200 pre-defined suggestions for evidence of NSQHS compliance and participate in the Metrixcare innovation partner network to share greater detail about improvement approaches, projects and changes that have made a difference elsewhere.

Coordinate quality activities and capture the stories behind national safety & quality standards improvements. Focus on clusters of issues where greatest improvements are possible.

Benchmark and measure performance before and after interventions are introduced to track real improvements.

Automatically receive updates to the structure and suggested evidence for the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards through Metrixcare platform updates.