Metrixcare is ready to assist the Aged and Disability Sector to Rethink Excellence in Service

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Aged Care, News

Metrixcare CEO Steve Govis will be at the Adelaide Technology Symposium for Aged Care and Disability Providers today talking about how the Metrixcare philosophy and analytics platform can give the sector the management tools it needs to deliver the level of care we want and  expect.

Steve Govis, who has over 20 years experience in working in the acute care sector as a data and informatics expert, said “the recent press on aged care and the Royal Commission will shine a light on our aged care sector to encourage a culture of honesty, compassion and accountability”.

This is why Steve and his co-founder of Metrixcare, Dr Chris Farmer are now taking their years of knowledge and experience in leading governance reforms and patient safety initiatives in an acute care setting and applying it to the aged care and disability sector.

Many of the issues now facing these sectors were experienced in the acute care sector. Patients still experience medication issues, cross-infections, falls and pressure injuries as well as new management challenges with the increase in conditions such as dementia.  

The philosophies, change frameworks and the Metrixcare platform can help aged care and disability facilities and providers make the stepwise change needed to uplift the quality of services they provide.

The Metrixcare platform has been developed with a core unifying principle of patient centered care to empower care providers in protecting well being and supporting the special needs that are unique to senior citizens and the disabled.

These are the outcomes we all want and expect.  

Steve Govis said “We can’t try to manage such a complex and important service provision model that is growing with yesterday’s tools and techniques.  It is not the people letting us down, it is the system. It requires new thinking, new approaches and new tools to ensure we deliver the quality of care we as a society demand for those in need.”