New Approaches for Aged Care

The Metrixcare platform has been developed with a core unifying principle of patient centered care to empower care providers in protecting well being and supporting the special needs that are unique to senior citizens and the disabled.


Improvement Journey

  • Gain visibility through regular measurement of processes, outcomes and risk
  • Assess exposure to risks and the nature of key problems
  • Identify reasons why issues occur and innovate on solutions
  • Create and implement interventions that reduce harm and cost
  • Monitor performance to see if solutions are making a positive difference

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Advisory Services

Metrixcare offers a range of expert advisory services to complement and extend your data-driven quality efforts.

Governance, BI & Reporting

A clinical, corporate and accreditation governance reporting framework that can be easily tailored to your organisation.

Value Analytics

Optimise performance by balancing cost and quality to achieve the best possible outcomes that matter to your clients as efficiently as possible. Know your competitive sweet spots and opportunities for delivering greater value.

Customer Journey & Experience

Modules that assist care delivery and support the customer journey. Fill key gaps in information collection to create a richer view of care delivery workflows. Measure the pulse of your clients through feedback on experience and satisfaction.

Metrixcare Benefits

Creating an environment where excellence can flourish

Affordable & Rapid ROI

Increase efficiency using exclusive cost/quality optimisation tools for ongoing return on investment.

Flexible and Scalable

Easily adapt and expand solutions to support any number of users. Integrate existing sources of data for richer analysis.

Visual Thinking

Graphical tools to reveal hidden insights into performance. Make data actionable to empower improvement efforts.

Secure and Reliable

Fully managed enterprise class software and platform as a service. Consistent with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

Easy to Use

Highly intuitive with low training means high data quality & effective users.

Collaborate & Compete

Benchmark against industry performance. Share improvement stories & maximise competitive advantage.