Clinical Quality and Research Registries

The Metrixcare platform supports Clinical Registries Research Databases with flexible data collection tools and automatic collation of data for research reports, presentations and publications. The platform is highly secure with enterprise class reliability and management features delivered through a cloud based platform as a service model.


The Metrixcare platform can support a wide range of long-running longitudinal data projects:

  • Patient registry functionality - with patient de-identification options
  • Choice of study design for longitudinal, cross-sectional, etc
  • Cohorts and Consent management
  • Rapid change short-term projects as part of an ongoing Metrixcare data service
  • Long-term patient population projects


Metrixcare platform services provide technical capabilities to assist registries with the implementation of:

  • Data integration, transformation and linkage - support for scheduled query integration models
  • Data modelling features and meta-data management
  • Additional data element collection with flexibility to easily adapt and change
  • Batch data submission through secure upload with validation 
  • Built-in benchmarking and multi-facility comparison reports
  • Support for peer group definition and improvement collaboratives
  • Interactive DataExplorer for ad-hoc and visual pattern analysis
  • Advanced data mining algorithms for deep mining of clusters, associations and patterns
  • Decision support services for interactive guidelines and automated surveillance and alerting


Metrixcare is compliant with Australian Clinical Quality Registries Standards through the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (