Population Analytics

The majority of healthcare costs are often incurred by a relatively small group of high-complexity and high-use patients. Understanding the healthcare risk factors and care requirements of your patient population is an essential step in managing population needs.


Metrixcare Population Analytics encourages a greater focus on population health and wellness through the ability to overlay a wide range of process and outcome metrics on top of a population based map visualisation. The interactive map is easily tailored for the region in which your organisation is delivering healthcare services.


Integrated Features

  • Visualise any indicator in a geo-spatial population perspective
  • Highlight patterns that are otherwise extremely difficult to see
  • Filter sub-sets of any indicator for fine grained analysis
  • Map population outcomes for high-risk patient cohorts


Improvement Journey

  • Integrate fragmented sources of information into unified population perspectives
  • Classify a population into cohorts based on relative risk
  • Design interventions aligned with the needs of each patient group
  • Guide integrated care delivery and value based care efforts