Measure and Benchmark

The first stage of the Improvement Journey involves measurement and benchmarking in order to see performance clearly and how an organisation compares with it's peers. 

You can't manage what you don't measure.

Start by expanding the capacity for measurement to establish continuous metrics to monitor performance and increase visibility of processes, outcomes and risks that are tailored to the needs of your specific care environments.

This is achieved through the Metrixcare analytics repository where a variety of information sources and systems that already exist are integrated and analysed in a central place. Existing data can then be extended and annotated with extra information that assists in managing performance.

Initially this creates a baseline measure of performance that can be used to identify the highest cost and highest risk areas with the greatest return on investment. Metrics can be analysed to assess the level of variation and reliability of processes to determine if performance is stable and in-control.

With this increased visibility of the organisation through metrics and benchmarking, management teams can discover new insights into performance and the potential for improvement.

This measurement journey evolves over time as new insights emerge, answers are refined and new questions are asked about performance.

The next stage in the Improvement Journey involves applying the lessons learned through measurement to engage with those who can implement improvements and prevent avoidable harm. Once established the measurement and benchmarking capacity remains a central component for objectively guiding and monitoring the impact of improvement efforts.

The next stage - Improve and Prevent