Improve and Prevent

The Improvement and Prevention stage of the journey takes the insights developed through measurement and benchmarking to improve the safety and efficiency of care delivery processes while preventing avoidable harm.

Clinical governance is supported with an information framework for managing change and ensuring acceptable levels of performance. Data governance processes are established to guide the Metrixcare system in adapting to the needs of an organisation while protecting the identity of each facility.

This stage facilitates engagement with teams by focussing efforts and then providing timely and relevant feedback on achievements.


The Medication Safety Measures established in the measurement and assessment stage could indicate areas of concern with anticoagulation and the management of Warfarin or Coumadin.

Insights from clinical pharmacists through the Medication Safety Assessment tool may suggest that issues with Warfarin are clustered around the initiation in elderly patients being started on Warfarin and that better dosing advice at the point of care would be a significant improvement.

These errors can be prevented before they happen with the implementation of the Metrixcare Anticoagulation Decision Support System used by doctors at the point of care when they need to make safe decisions about medication ordering.

Then monitor the overall impact through the top-level adverse drug event indicator and average INR patient population measure while also tracking medication issues for the warfarin drug class.

The next stage in the improvement journey describes the evolution of healthcare analytics capacities into areas of greater refinement, optimisation and prediction of performance.

The next stage - Optimise and Predict