Singapore Healthcare Analytics Roadshow, May 7-12 2017

Metrixcare is coming to Singapore from 7-12 May 2017 for our healthcare analytics roadshow.

We will be demonstrating the Metrixcare advanced healthcare analytics platform and how it can make a difference in supporting value based care to deliver the best patient outcomes as efficiently as possible.

Please connect with us via LinkedIn or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a time.

Looking forward to learning more about the exciting things happening in Singapore! 





Metrixcare Presenting at Delivering Quality Care Conference 2017

Delivering quality care within our hospitals can be greatly enhanced through the use of new approaches to governance of healthcare systems using measurement of safety, quality indicators, compliance and patient outcomes. 

Metrixcare Clinical Director Dr Chris Farmer will be delivering a presentation titled 'Balancing costs and quality of care in the pursuit of value' at the Delivering Quality of Care in Hospitals conference to be held in Brisbane 22-24 March 2017. 

Dr Farmer says that "As hospital managers we need to re-conceptualise our traditional approaches to quality management that can lock us into thinking about things like "incidents", when in reality we deal with a much broader definition of harm, prevalence and exposure on a daily basis. A key challenge is how do we innovate in the ways we govern our healthcare services for quality and cost improvement for better value?"

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Metrixcare Presenting at Healthcare of the Future Conference 2016

New healthcare technologies will dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of hospitals but knowing what is relevant and useful can be a challenge. Metrixcare Clinical Director Dr Chris Farmer will be delivering a presentation titled 'Bringing Predictive & Smart Analytics into the Business of Healthcare' at the Healthcare of the Future conference to be held in Sydney 15-16 June 2016.


Dr Farmer's presentation will share a story about a journey from anxiety to excellence:

  • Current management challenges healthcare providers face
  • Using trust and transparency to drive improvement
  • Visual analytics approaches to understand and predict performance
  • Creating a culture of excellence 


Dr Farmer says that "Analytics is a foundation of learning that can help us predict the future by learning from our past. It is a journey that evolves over time as we unlock greater value from our existing data to see the variation that is essential for improvement. However, solutions are not all technical but rather lie at the socio-technical intersection of people and technologies."

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Metrixcare Presenting at NSQHS Conference 2016

A revised set of National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards are due for full implementation in 2018 and hospitals are currently preparing for the proposed changes and how to get ready for accreditation. Metrixcare Clinical Director Dr Chris Farmer will be delivering a keynote presentation on Interpretive Thinking for Continuous Improvement at the NSQHS Standards conference to be held in Melbourne 18-19 May 2016.

The keynote by Dr Farmer will cover the topics of:

  • governance perspectives on accreditation and improvement
  • principles of management and governance
  • optimal design of processes for performance improvement

Dr Farmer says that "the conference is timely given the continued adoption of the national standards and the anxiety some hospitals are feeling about managing these new requirements. The Metrixcare National Quality Standards Module offers an opportunity for organisations to move away from sporadic and reactive reporting of compliance to continuous quality approaches that encourage excellence."

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Metrixcare presenting at PowerHealth Conference 2015

Metrixcare will be presenting at the PowerHealth Solutions national user conference in May 2015 to share some implementation experiences from St Andrews Private Hospital. Dr Chris Farmer will be talking about acceleration of healthcare change and the imperative to unlock greater value from existing costing and quality data. Chris will also discuss the optimisation of cost and quality that is necessary to enable competition on outcomes and commissioning for value, and demonstrate the latest in visual thinking techniques that support innovative approaches to healthcare management. 

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NSQHS - Updated National Quality Standards Module Now Available

Metrixcare has enhanced the module to support accreditation for the Australian National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS). The solution allows the collection of evidence, gap analyses and action plans to provide a continuous, real-time quality compliance system. Compliance standards can be linked to a wide range of clinical governance metrics selected by a healthcare provider so that accreditation activities can be integrated with day to day operational workflows and improvement activities. Advanced data visualisations allow users to easily navigate and report on quality standards compliance and instantly see the overall status of accreditation in real-time.


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Metrixcare Presenting at APHA 2015

Metrixcare will be presenting at the Australian Private Hospitals Association Conference in Melbourne, March 2015. Dr Chris Farmer, Metrixcare Clinical Director, and Professor David Ben-Tovim will be presenting a session titled "Torture the Data Long Enough and It Will Confess" where they will talk about big data analytics and visualisation.

We have been in the era of "big data" for a long time in healthcare. The next wave of innovation in healthcare is coming through how we get greater use from our data to deliver better care. "For some of our most innovative solutions we always had the data available - for 10 years the data had sat there waiting to be unlocked." By developing innovative ways of visualising information we can come up with new ways of seeing that generate valuable insight and learning.

To view the full conference program please see the APHA conference website.



Metrixcare Presenting at Healthcare Analytics Sydney 2014

Metrixcare will be presenting at the Informa Healthcare Analytics Conference in Sydney in December 2014. Steve Govis, CEO of Metrixcare, will be presenting a session titled "Value analytics - creating a shared conversation about quality and efficiency" where he will talk about the development of the latest solution from Metrixcare that provides big data analytics for value-based care. 



Information Strategy for Value Based Healthcare

"In an effort to curtail escalating costs, growing numbers of health care policymakers, payers, and providers around the world are embracing value-based health care, an approach that focuses on optimizing the relationship between treatment costs and outcomes..." The Boston Consulting Group

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Competing on Outcomes

"In the global struggle to manage the cost of health care, practitioners and policymakers are increasingly focusing on value—delivering the best possible health outcomes at a given level of cost..." The Boston Consulting Group

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Edgebox is now Metrixcare

For the last 4 years we have been known as Edgebox which has successfully delivered many healthcare safety and quality innovations. The name Edgebox has now changed to Metrixcare as a new vehicle for global growth in healthcare analytics.

The Metrixcare brand better reflects our vision and values to make a difference in healthcare patient safety and cost reduction.

Steve Govis, CEO Metrixcare

We worked hard with Edgebox to establish a trusted reputation in the industry for patient safety and performance improvement software solutions. The cloud based platform initially developed as Edgebox provides a solid foundation to expand the range of solutions for data-driven improvement available through Metrixcare complimented by new developments in analytics and performance optimisation.

For the people that already know us as Edgebox they can be confident that we still have the same passion, vision and approach to innovation that we have always had. We are excited about the new Metrixcare brand and the future growth of the company. 


Metrixcare Presenting at HIC 2013

Metrixcare CEO, Steve Govis, will be presenting a paper at the HIC 2013 national health informatics conference in Adelaide from 15-18 July 2013. The presentation is titled "Cloud Safety Solution for a Bleeding Common Problem" which will describe the solution developed by Metrixcare for the monitoring and prevention of harm related to anticoagulant use.

Steve has also been nominated for a Don Walker award for effectiveness through demonstration that his work has improved patient outcomes with the use of innovative technological solutions.

Metrixcare at CeBIT Sydney 2013

Metrixcare recently exhibited at the CeBIT tradeshow in Sydney during May 2013. We received fantastic interest in our healthcare analytics solutions during the conference and had great feedback from the healthcare industry.



Easing Pain and Costs

We have been generating quite a bit of interest lately following some recent media exposure. Our ground breaking innovations for patient safety and cost reduction came to the attention of reporters with an article appearing in the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper recently.

As a result of the ANZ Innovyz START global technology accelerator program we have changed our name from Edgebox to Metrixcare. This change gives now allows us to continue our growth and expand beyond our current projects in Australia.

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Metrixcare chosen for global technology accelerator for breakthrough innovations

Modelled on the renowned US-based TechStars program, ANZ Innovyz START helps to develop successful tech enterprises with potentially break-through ideas that are ready for accelerated growth. Metrixcare (formerly Edgebox) was selected as one of only ten entrants from over 120 applicants from around the world for the Summer 2013 program.

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Latest Safety Innovation Wins 2012 SA iAward for e-Health

Australian healthcare innovator Edgebox (now Metrixcare) has won the 2012 South Australian iAward for e-Health for an innovative medication decision support system that assists in reducing serious preventable harm to patients.

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Project Wins 2011 National Award for e-Health Innovation

For the first time in Australia a ground breaking national healthcare performance, safety and quality system has been established for the private sector through a collaboration between Edgebox and the Australian Private Hospitals Association.

Edgebox (now Metrixcare) is proud to announce that it is the 2011 National Merit Award winner for e-Health innovation. Over 17 years, the iAwards has become the premier technology awards platform in Australia honouring companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation as well as leading professionals across the industry. This year the award has expanded with the Australian Information Industry Association joining forces with the Australian Computer Society to deliver the most comprehensive awards program in the technology industry today.

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